About Us

Our mission: We know that people long to be closer to their idols, and we use our product to help them achieve their dream in the virtual world. Vestan is the only company on the market that provides a unique end-to-end solution for 4K 60fps VR broadcasts.


Vestan is a global leader

in the development of VR streaming technology

Our superpower consists of a fantastic, innovative IT product, one-of-a-kind cameras, the world's best content, and a team of true professionals!

The largest number of VR streaming hours in the world! VR breaks down barriers. Take in interesting events of all kinds and share exciting experiences with friends and family.

We go the distance to provide our users with a new doorway to freedom. Vestan becomes a channel through which you can enter a vibrant life filled with stimulating experiences that are yours to choose.

The Company in Numbers


Company founded in 2018

500 k+

Hours of VR streaming

500 m+

Users know about our product


Content creators


PWN-brand VR cameras


Countries of presence